The doctors called the symptoms of gallstones

Врачи назвали симптомы желчнокаменной болезни

The gallstones can cause inflammation, severe pain and infection.

Risk factors include obesity, diabetes, heredity, and medications based on estrogen, writes the with reference to

Pain in the abdomen. If you are faced with a severe and very sharp pain in the upper right area of the abdomen that lasts for a very long time, it can be a symptom of an attack of gallstones.

In any case, acute abdominal pain cannot be ignored and try to muffle any drugs. This is a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.

Recurring pain. If you experience pain in the abdomen, which disappear and then return again, so, too, can manifest itself in cholelithiasis. Pain associated with the way the rocks behave inside the gall bladder, sometimes leaving its limits.

Pain after ingestion of fatty foods. Consumption of food containing large amounts of fat, like fish, cheese and dark chocolate leads to the release in the body hormone, which activates the gallstones. They begin as if squeezed, causing pain.

Doctors told who is especially good to eat fat

Changes in urine and stool. If the color of your stool was unusually light and urine darkened on the contrary, it may also indicate gallstones. Such changes in color are the result of violations of the outflow of bile from the body.

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