The doctors called the “right” drinks for hot weather

Врачи назвали «правильные» напитки для жаркой погоды

It is important not the amount of liquid and its composition.

The hotter the room, the faster the body loses moisture, sometimes it’s even hard to notice, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

“Dehydration is not only bad for the internal organs and can cause blood clots, but it also directly affects the brain and body tone. Perfect rate – 2,5-3 litres a day in very hot weather. Drinking more can be dangerous in the presence of kidney problems, as they may simply not process the volume of incoming fluid, because of the moisture the body gets from food, fruit and other beverages,” — said the doctor.

In the heat it is important not just to drink more but to drink the right drinks. Therefore you should give up, at least before the evening, from tea and coffee, sugary drinks and especially alcohol.

“It is easier to tolerate higher temperature and quench your thirst will help a drink of cool mineral water and citrus juice. In case of strong perspiration, it is recommended to add in the mineral water a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon.

The use of this berry facilitates the pain in my knees

Very useful in the heat of the drink — ayran (tan), which not only quenches thirst but also hunger. It contains many proteins, vitamins, beneficial microorganisms, moreover, it actively stimulates digestion. Just remember to drink them with food is impossible, it is a separate product,” says the doctor.

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