The doctors called the first signs of multiple sclerosis

Врачи назвали первые признаки рассеянного склероза

Multiple sclerosis is the most common disease.

It refers to an autoimmune disease in which the immune system starts to malfunction, according to the with reference to

Affects nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord, but rather, their myelin sheath. It is gradually destroyed, causing the transmission speed of an electrical pulse is reduced and nerve fibers begin to die.

Therefore, in a patient with multiple sclerosis formed neurological disorders. It is known that the disease develops when multiple precipitating factors.

The main causes of the disease include:

  • The failure of the immune system;
  • Viral and bacterial diseases;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Shortage of vitamin D;
  • Stress, depression;
  • Head injury, back;
  • Physical and mental strain;
  • The prevalence of food fats and proteins;
  • The impact of chemicals.

Signs of multiple sclerosis

The process of demyelination and neurodegeneration is very slow. Multiple sclerosis may not be evident for several years. But when there is significant damage to the nerve fibers, you experience the neurological disorder that bears the nonspecific nature. The symptoms, incidentally, depend on what place began violations.

Very often the first signs of multiple sclerosis include lesions of the optic nerve. So, there may be blurred vision in one eye, the appearance of the shroud or a black spot in front of the eye that does not move during blinking. Also, the patient can see the limitation, as if looking into the pipe. Can be the loss of half of the visual field, loss of color vision, the inability to perceive a single color, blurred contours, double vision.

There are also cerebellar disorders associated with the activity of the cerebellum. Signs include periodic dizziness, unsteadiness while walking, though it leads in the direction of. This symptom can occur from time to time. It may be associated with irregular blood pressure, meteosensitivity and so on. This may also change the handwriting. Not necessary to pay attention to various obscure signs and violation of health, because it can be a sign of multiple sclerosis.

Possible sensitivity disorders. This is one of the first signs of multiple sclerosis. Most often people have unreasonable burning sensation, tickling and tingling and numbness, feeling shifty and needles, itching, sensation of skin tightness. In addition, it may be a sign, like the disappearance of a sense of the ground underfoot.

This forces people suffering from such signs, to look under feet not to stumble.

The signs can be attributed to motor dysfunction. Moreover, the range of problems is quite wide. For example:

  • The awkwardness of the movements.
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Awkward;
  • Night muscle cramps.

Moreover, the number of irregularities can be a symptom of a completely different illness, but we should not avoid going to the hospital.

And finally, which could cause disorder in the activities of the organs of the pelvis. It is usually frequent or too infrequent urination, the need much to push when urinating, inability to fully empty the bladder, sudden and strong urge to urinate, and disorders erectile function.

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Let us add that the first signs of multiple sclerosis begin to appear only when the affected about 50% of nerve fibers.

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