The doctors called drinks, which dehydrate the body

Врачи назвали напитки, которые обезвоживают организм

British scientists have found that certain drinks do not quench thirst, provoke thirst, disturbing the water balance in the human body.

At the most basic level, the drink is a type of fluid that you can consume for sustenance, energy, or hydration. For hundreds of years, the drink was probably limited to water or milk and maybe juice pressed from fruit, writes the with reference to

Then came the alcohol, wine, teas, coffee, cocktails, cocoa, cider and sodas. A huge variety of drinks we now have, for us, means that we can satisfy thirst or hunger countless different ways.

Dentists called the fruit, preventing the appearance of caries

Depending on lifestyle or health that you want to have, you can eat certain drinks and not to drink more, experts say. According to the researchers, any drinks contain water, but not every one of them supplies fluid. So, caffeinated (tea, coffee, energy, Cola), carbonated and alcoholic drinks promote fluid excretion from the body.

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