The doctors called causes of bags under the eyes

Врачи назвали причины появления мешков под глазами

Among the factors triggering this unpleasant phenomenon as bags under the eyes, called hormones, illness, genetics.

Disorders of the kidneys. Bags under the eyes can be a signal of the body about the occurrence of renal failure, acute glomerulonephritis, vesicoureteral reflux. If there is a strongly pronounced swelling under the eyes, and they do not pass, you need to go to the clinic for examination, reports the with reference to

Diseases of the blood vessels and heart. The appearance of bags under the eyes can be caused by stagnation of blood in peripheral tissues, and the reason for this stagnation may be a problem of the cardiovascular system. Eyelid swelling may indicate heart failure, hypertension, inflammation in the myocardium.

Problems endocrine nature. Of metabolic disorders due to dysfunction of the thyroid gland can also contribute to the appearance of unfortunate sacks. If such violations are observed more severe fatigue, decreased tone and mood, insomnia.

Heredity and age. Bags under the eyes, appeared in humans in childhood or adolescence and remaining in all subsequent years, the sign inherited from the parental genes features. But to receive the bags can be in connection with age-related changes. Scientists say that aging body periorbital tissue expands, filling the area of the lower eyelid. Why this is so, the science is still unclear.

Hormonal changes. In women, the cause of bags under the eyes can be instability in hormonal levels, due to the process in some phases of the menstrual cycle. In some days of the month a woman’s body begins to keep fluids. Alas, the face may look swollen.

Diseases of the sinuses. It does not only appear swollen lower eyelids, but also observed pain in the forehead zone, nose, and increased temperature. Common symptoms resembles the flu.

Allergy. During an attack of allergies release histamine, which dilates blood vessels and increases the permeability of the venous vessels, which directly leads to the formation of edema.

Improper use of cosmetics. If the skin of the eyelids is treated with too much cream, after a while can appear bags.

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A way of life. An excess of sun, cigarettes, salt and sugar in diet, alcohol consumption and hot baths — all these can be reasons that contribute to the formation of bags under the eyes due to arising in connection therewith circulatory disorders.

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