The doctor was forced to revive the deceased from an overdose at the threat of a knife

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 A doctor was forced to revive an overdose victim at knife point

Makor Rishon has published horrifying new details of the attack against medical personnel in the intensive care unit of the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital on May 17.

A drug addict from East Jerusalem was brought to the hospital in critical condition after an overdose.

Relatives of the drug addict, after the doctors declared his death, vandalized the intensive care unit, one of them grabbed the doctor who signed the death certificate, put a knife to his throat and promised to stab him if he will not immediately begin resuscitation of an already deceased person.

Women working in the hospital complain about the lack of a sense of protection. They also say that the police were not called immediately – and this may be a conscious policy of the hospital administration. One of the doctors, having a premonition that something was wrong, immediately after the patient died, asked the guards to call the police – but this was not done. At least four members of the medical staff claim that there is an order from the police administration not to call the police in case of fights with patients or their families. At the same time, the hospital guards are doing everything to avoid confrontation with patients and families.

After the pogrom, one person was detained – and he has already been released. Makor Rishon writes: “The incident did not end in death or serious injury – and the police do not intend to start a” world war “; in East Jerusalem”.

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