The doctor told me, who is most likely to occur are allergic to buckwheat

Врач рассказал, у кого чаще всего возникает аллергия на гречку

There is the likelihood of increased allergies.

Despite the fact that buckwheat does not apply to common allergens (and is allergic to milk, egg, wheat, fish, nuts, soy, seafood, peanuts), cases of Allergy to it is widely known around the world, reports the with reference to the channel 24.

Abroad people face allergic to buckwheat in the use of national dishes, most commonly Asian.

Allergic to buckwheat develops relatively rare, so it is described as an unusual reaction, which we must remember, says allergist-immunologist Olga Gogoleva.

Most often it occurs in children, but described isolated cases in adults.

Because of the fashion for proper nutrition and a gluten-free diet buckwheat were often there, so there is the likelihood of increased allergies to buckwheat.

How does an Allergy to buckwheat
allergic angioedema;
gastrointestinal manifestations;
the symptoms of allergic rhinitis;
the aggravation of bronchial asthma;
anaphylaxis (generalized allergic reaction).
Yak proyavlyaetsya allergic to buckwheat
How does an Allergy to buckwheat

How to diagnose Allergy to buckwheat:

1) a blood test for specific IgE by the ImmunoCAP method to the buckwheat.

2) Skin tests using a double prick test.

There is evidence of possible false positive results analysis of IgE antibodies to buckwheat, because the component is developed diagnostics (for individual proteins of buckwheat), which is more accurate.

The physician noted that laboratory testing of IgE antibodies to buckwheat can cross-communicate with other agents: cashew nuts, rice, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, latex.

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This does not mean that the detection of antibodies to these products you need to look for allergic to buckwheat. Rather, it is another argument in favor of the fact that variations in the tests can be false positive, and so they must always be accompanied by symptoms.

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