The doctor told me about the condition of the patient with coronavirus Lev Leshchenko

Врач рассказал о состоянии больного коронавирусом Льва Лещенко

The doctor told me about the condition of the patient with coronavirus Lev Leshchenko
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The Russian artist went to the hospital with pneumonia.

78-year-old Russian singer Lev Leshchenko March 25, was in intensive care with pneumonia. It turned out that the disease called a coronavirus. Feels like the singer, told the chief doctor of the hospital in the Russian settlement of Kommunarka Denis Protsenko.

– Lev Valerjanovich presented to our hospital with the clinical and radiological picture of community-acquired pneumonia. After further examination was confirmed coronavirus etiology of pneumonia. In the first days after admission the patient’s condition worsened, increased shortness of breath and decreased indicators of blood oxygenation. In this regard, we continued treatment in the intensive care unit. To date, the patient’s condition is stable and he does not need additional oxygen and we plan to continue his treatment in the hospital ward, he wrote in “Facebook” with official permission.

The media also reported that in the same hospital Kommunarka allegedly with suspected coronavirus lies the Russian composer Igor Nikolaev. Ksenia Sobchak suggested that the artist and other contracted COVID-19 from Leshchenko on the birthday of the sister of Igor Krutoy. And was at the ceremony, Valery Leontiev, Irina Allegrova, Nikolay Baskov, Igor Nikolaev, Vladimir Vinokur, Dimash and other Russian stars.


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