The doctor suggested, on what grounds can determine seasonal allergies

Врач подсказала, по каким признакам можно определить сезонную аллергию

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How to protect yourself from allergies

Every year thousands of Ukrainians are suffering from seasonal allergies caused by a variety of flowering plants, writes the with reference for Today.

Is it possible to be protected from it or at least reduce the effect on the body?

Lilac, chestnut, poplar – all blossoms, smells … and cause allergies. Symptoms are manifested in one and the same period for several years. This can be a constant sneezing, severe runny nose, watery eyes, skin rash and itching. And at the same time – the normal body temperature.

Allergy symptoms

Runny nose
Skin rash
Redness and watery eyes
Normal temperature
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Allergist Tatyana Bondarenko warns that these symptoms can be easily confused with a cold. Besides, on the background of allergies worsen other chronic diseases. Therefore, in case of deterioration of health should not hesitate, it is better to consult the doctor to understand the reasons.

And while our expert gives some tips on how to reduce the effects of allergens on the body.

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“The key to a healthy indoor climate are: wet cleaning, airing, getting natural sunlight, which provide a bactericidal effect. You also need to minimize objects that accumulate large amounts of dust,” says the allergist.

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