The doctor suggested, how to lower blood pressure without medication

Врач подсказал, как понизить давление без лекарств

Prevention of hypertension and reducing existing high blood pressure do not require much effort, it is only necessary to observe a number of the recommendations, said the doctor, Avarat Gantry.

Gantry works at the International hospital Bumrungrad, which is considered a world leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, writes the with reference on Voice.

The expert stressed that the prevention of such diseases as hypertension should be carried out without obvious signs of a persistent increase in pressure, when the disease is already in an aggressive form.

According to Gantry, the fact that reducing the amount of salt having a positive effect on reducing high blood pressure, scientists have noted. Should listen to their advice, replacing salt with spices and abandon canned products, semi-finished products, smoked meats and sausages. These products can be substituted with natural, bringing only benefits to your body. In addition, you need to increase in your diet those foods that contain large amounts of potassium. Many of them are able to reduce high blood pressure along with some medicines.

The doctor offers to those who have noticed signs of hypertension and those who want to avoid it, to take control of alcohol use. Gantry offers, at least for a month to refrain from intoxicating drinks and compare your feeling and blood pressure levels before and after alcohol withdrawal. The expert is sure that the results after abstinence from taking “intoxicating” will surprise everyone. Importantly, according to the opinion of the physician, is and active lifestyle. It helps how to reduce high blood pressure and prevention of hypertension. In this respect, even a simple walk in one hour gives an amazing result.

The medic told about the danger of morning coffee

Also, the American experts from University of the Pacific in California established, the use of a product is deadly for hypertension, it significantly increases blood pressure and causes arrhythmia.

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