The doctor said, as their noses to use in the fight against flu

Врач рассказала, как собственный нос использовать в борьбе с гриппом

Signs of a cold start with a runny nose, but proper treatment due to the protective reaction of the nose in the first days is able to stop the disease

In the early stages of getting the virus in the body to prevent infection is called the mucosa, but because of the heaters, the heating wind, it becomes defenseless against pathogenic bacteria. This was told by the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

Nasal mucosa is the first and most important protective barrier of human body against various viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Врач рассказала, как собственный нос использовать в борьбе с гриппом

Ideally, the nasal mucosa is able to resist dozens of infections on a daily basis, but the problem is that the defense mechanism is weakened under the influence of many factors – poor lifestyle, stress, effects of drugs, alcohol abuse, and the use of heaters, air conditioners, and even Central heating in homes.

“In the lining of the nose contains natural immunoglobulins, interferon, phagocytes and many other components that actively inhibit the action of viruses and prevent them from further in the body. But when the mucosa is excessively dry, including the use of batteries and heaters, this protection is violated. Because in the period of influenza and SARS, it is important to monitor her hydration. The easiest way is oxolinic ointment, variations of antibacterial fatty cream, essential oil,” says the doctor.

According to experts a very common mistake many patients is the use of drops of cold at the first sign of the disease.

“Moreover, patients are prescribed them to themselves, than only worsen the situation and weaken the body’s defenses. Because most of the sprays and drops just dried mucous. This treatment can appoint only a specialist and only when the virus has already hit the body.

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In the early days much more rational to use folk remedies. In the early stages will help drops of onion juice, which is a powerful natural antioxidant and disinfectant. Squeeze half onion through the cheesecloth, carefully strain it to the pieces of onion, not the inside of the nose and make sure to try – it is important that the solution was not very “vigorous”, otherwise it will just burn tissue.

Врач рассказала, как собственный нос использовать в борьбе с гриппом

Effective washing with a salt solution, diluted in a glass of warm boiled water,” advises the expert.

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