The doctor explained why it is impossible to sharply lose weight after the holidays

Врач объяснила, почему нельзя резко худеть после праздников

Do not just go on a diet after the holidays

This writes the doctor-gastroenterologist, candidate of medical Sciences Christine quits:

“If overeating has occurred short-term weight gain, do not immediately begin the process of weight loss. Because the weight could be increased through other factors: water retention, bloating, delayed food in the intestine.”

Christina Kvit notes that specific recommendations how to improve health after eating there.

Врач объяснила, почему нельзя резко худеть после праздников

Pay attention and to follow weight week after eating if it remains enlarged, then you should limit caloric intake. All because to stop the process of weight gain at the beginning more effectively than when the weight has become customary for the man.

The doctor also advises to increase the amount of water in the diet — drink 30 ml of water per kg of body weight or 4% of the total mass of the body.

Врач объяснила, почему нельзя резко худеть после праздников

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If there are no diseases associated with hypercyclicity, you can add the lemon juice. To speed up the metabolism, you can add water with cucumber and mint, hibiscus tea, Yerba mate and ginger.

Earlier it was reported about, not to cause digestive problems, the fast be broken gradually.

This writes the dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia:

“The duration of the output from the post — gradual addition of products of animal origin must be of the same duration as the last post. If post 30 days, the same amount of days the person should leave from the post,” — said the expert.

Врач объяснила, почему нельзя резко худеть после праздников

According to her, it is also important not to eat too much, not to eat. As noted Skitalinskaia, even after a post should give preference to cereals, vegetables better cooked or baked that contains a lot of “soft” fiber, in particular pectin, does not damage the mucous membrane and does not irritate the stomach. You should also consume proteins of plant origin — beans, (mung bean product from India), chickpeas, or garbanzo beans. From beans is better to refuse, because it’s a fairly heavy product.

However, she added that to add animal protein is better in the form of soups for low-fat meat or fish broth.

A at the time of the post refused from the consumption of animal protein is not only meat, but also fish, dairy products — and, accordingly, they have changed a little bit the metabolism and the body has adapted to what you need more of certain enzymes, processed food of plant origin. And so if people sit down at the table and immediately eat animal products — all sorts of sausages, ham and so on — she may have abdominal discomfort, she may not feel very well, ” added the nutritionist.

“For the period out of the post you should also remove sweets, including sugary drinks with fruit drinks and homemade sweet fruit drinks inclusive.

Sugar in combination with meat causes fermentation in the gut and inhibits digestion”.

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