The dietician told about the basic rules of healthy eating

Диетолог рассказала об основных правилах здорового питания

Known nutritionist Elena Cullen told how to go on a healthy diet.

In particular, the expert has shared the basics of good eating habits that will help you to get rid of extra pounds. These simple 5 rules will help to improve health and to stay slim, reports the with reference to

Five basic rules of healthy eating:

Daily calorie intake should match energy expenditure for the day

This rule allows to keep the harmony and is the prevention of obesity. If more food is consumed than is expended, it leads to fat deposits.

Daily ration of food should meet the body’s need for proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other vital substances

Choose more wholesome foods enriched with these nutrizionali — fruits, vegetables, poultry, beef, fish, seafood, cereals, whole wheat bread, milk and dairy products, vegetable oil, cold pressed, dried fruits, nuts, eggs.

The flow of food in the body should correspond to the cost of energy

If you waste more energy in the morning, then consumption in the first half of the day increases. If the evening active energy expenditure does not, then the food intake is reduced. Such a diet is achieved when we eat according to hunger and to quench, and not at the time in equal portions.

Choose the right method of cooking in which saved all the nutrients

It’s baking, eating raw or boiled.

Endocrinologists have described the first symptoms of diabetes

Minimize the consumption of alcohol, fast food, convenience foods, too oily or sweet food, baking, soda

This will help prevent obesity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, increased cholesterol, rapid aging of the body.

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