The dermatologist told how to escape from mosquito bites

Дерматолог рассказал, как спастись от укусов комаров

What clothes to choose.

Mosquitoes spoil our holiday not only in nature and near water, but also tired, even in high-rise buildings. However, the fight against the bloodthirsty insects. How to protect yourself from mosquito bites writes the with reference to the channel 24.

One of the most common claims is that people with a certain blood type mosquitoes bite more often.

Dermatologist Natalia Semeniuk said that one of the reasons for the choice by mosquitoes of their “victims” is the body odor of the person, not the myth that one group of blood is more attractive to mosquitoes than others.

Which clothes protect you from mosquitoes?
It is better to prevent insect bites than to deal with their consequences. Therefore, to protect yourself and your health from pesky mosquitoes, should be protected. The safe “non-chemical” protection – closed clothes. Therefore, nature is better to choose clothes with long sleeves, preferably of thick fabric, something on the head and legs of the pants and the mosquito to you not get.

Besides, to help bright clothes mosquitoes do not like, and therefore actively will not attack. However, it is possible to dress when it’s chilly outside. If heat of the hands and feet naked, you can use special means against mosquito bites.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes?
Will help to protect yourself from bites special creams, sprays, lotions. However, store-bought remedies can cause allergic reactions. So if you have a penchant for such should consult with your doctor. Or make test – to be applied onto the inner surface of the forearm and to wait for some time – see there will be no irritation, says Natalia Semeniuk.

How to protect children from mosquitoes?
When choosing creams or lotions against mosquito bites for children – the doctor-the dermatologist advised to adhere to specified on the package recommendations. As a rule, to give the children such funds can be from two to three years. If the baby is non-allergenic – by themselves, these funds of particular harm are not commented Semeniuk.

Another thing is too sensitive to allergies baby – then it is necessary to consult a physician. If your child has itching from mosquito bites – be sure to disinfect the wound. In order not to get infected – don’t let the little “comb” it. The same applies to adults, the bites from mosquitoes the main thing is not to itch!

That deters mosquitoes?
Among the new products – mosquito bracelets, which are more likely to buy to protect children from mosquitoes. These bracelets are impregnated with plant extract (extract of Daisy Dalmatian or pyrethrum). The wristband can work up to one hundred forty hours. To prolong its action, anticommie bracelet to wear when out on the street, but at home try to keep it in an airtight container.

To get rid of mosquitoes in the room – if possible, is to put mosquito nets. The effect of it will be greater if the spray mesh essential oil of citrus, pine, or geranium.

Mosquitoes also don’t like different specific saturated smoke odors. Scare them away by using smoke thrown into the fire of pine needles, cones ( if you), a few drops of camphor or cedar oil. Repels mosquitoes also tobacco smoke and the smell of Valerian. Such tools will help to get rid of gnats and flies.

Tablespoon of broth the food of cloves combined with the same amount of any Cologne is also committed for some time to get rid of mosquitoes.

Or, alternatively, cut the lemon in half and insert the clove flower buds. Place the “song” next to the bed and you can sleep with the window open. Nice smell and no mosquitoes guaranteed.

Harmful if the fumigator from mosquitoes?
Effective against mosquitoes and operates electric fumigator with plates. Sort of a small device that plugs into the wall socket. Its principle of operation is simple: heated cardboard plate impregnated with insecticide, or spray with the same drug, but in liquid form. Heat from the ammonia begins to evaporate, and after 10-12 minutes the surrounding mosquitoes lose interest. The range of a good fumigator – 12 square meters. An hour before I should sleep – the device is better off.

Despite its effectiveness – its effect is harmful, especially for children and pregnant women. Therefore it is better to use a fumigator, when no one in the house and at the same time to ventilate the room. If, during use, there is headache, sudden skin rash, stuffy nose or “scratchy” throat, better to abandon it.

What if a mosquito bite?
If “the little vampire” has bitten – you first need to reduce the itching. You can use again special products: creams, lotions. And you can select and traditional methods. The easiest to treat the affected area with calendula tincture, says Semeniuk. Or wet the bite normal soda solution – 1 teaspoon in a glass of water and brush with lemon juice.

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Thus, the methods of struggle with the hated mosquitoes a lot. Choose whichever you like and let these “little things” don’t affect your mood in the summer.

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