The defeat of the criminal syndicate in Akko: more than 600 officers are involved

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 Defeat of the crime syndicate in Akko: more than 600 officers involved

The Israeli Police reported a large-scale operation against organized crime in the city of Acre.

On the morning of July 25, raids were carried out against a crime syndicate based in the Old City Akko. The gangsters were engaged in drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering.

The operation was prepared for several months and more than 600 police officers took part in it. Every month the members of the gang “earned” and tens of millions of shekels were laundered, part of the money was transferred abroad and invested in businesses there.

Lahav 433, MAGAV, YASAM, police sea boats, a police helicopter and drones were involved in the operation.
< br /> Dozens of businesses, including 12 operating in the financial sector, were searched in the center of the country, suspects were arrested and property was confiscated. Residents of Akko, Jadida Makar, Haifa, Mazraa and Ma'alot Tarshiha were arrested.

Boats and launches in Akko Bay, horses and other property “used to commit crimes” were confiscated.

The police said that this is a “large-scale operation that will last at least a week.

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