The decrease in the number of terrorist attacks is the result of the blockade of Nablus

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 Decrease in the number of terrorist attacks - the result of the blockade of Nablus

The city of Nablus has recently been the center of events related to incidents with the use of firearms – but it is
shooting, and it is there over the past week there has been a significant drop in shooting attacks, according to Israeli war correspondent Nir Dvori.

This drop is due to the IDF's blockade of the city. “Lion's Den”, several dozen militants responsible for the latest attacks were forced to reduce their activity. They understand that they are under the radar of the security system, and that the IDF will act against them when the moment is right.

The security services understand that it is necessary to maintain this downward trend and pursue a policy of separating terrorism from civilian population. There are serious business problems in Shechem. In the city, trade has been reduced by 50% due to the blockade, which means the loss of more than a million shekels a day for merchants and local residents. This puts pressure on the militants and perpetrators of terrorist acts.

Such actions are part of the tools that Israel is now using, in addition to arrest operations and countermeasures, to reduce, reduce the number of terrorist attacks.

At the same time, security forces continue to hunt down the terrorists behind the bloody shooting attacks in Samaria and the checkpoint of the Shoafat refugee camp.

The army is considering conducting targeted operations against armed gangs, including the Lion's Den; responsible for most of the attacks. The goal is to thwart their planned attacks and give them a deterrent signal that the IDF will come to their homes as well.

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