The death toll has increased after a new earthquake in Turkey and Syria

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 The death toll increased after a new earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Six people have died in an earthquake that hit the Turkish-Syrian border region, CNN Turk reported on Tuesday, two weeks after a larger quake that killed more than 47,000 people, and thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed.

Monday's quake, this time of magnitude 6.4, hit near the southern Turkish city of Antakya and was felt in Syria, Egypt and Lebanon and Israel.

CNN Turk showed a rescue team climbing a ladder to enter one of the buildings where several people were trapped after the last jolt. When the quake hit, people were reportedly in the already damaged building to collect their belongings before the house

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that 294 people were injured in the earthquake on Monday evening, 18 were seriously injured and were taken to hospitals in Adana and Dortyol.

Patients were evacuated from some medical facilities that continued to operate after strong aftershocks two weeks ago as cracks appeared in buildings, Koca said on Twitter.

In Samandag, where the Disaster and Emergency Management Department The country reported one death on Monday, residents said more buildings had collapsed, but most of the city's residents had already evacuated after the first quakes. earthquakes two weeks ago in Turkey rose to 41,156 people, AFAD said on Monday, and it is expected to rise further: 385,000 apartments are known to have been destroyed or severely damaged, and many people are still missing.

President Tayyip Erdogan said construction work will begin next month on nearly 200,000 apartments in 11 land-damaged earthquakes in the provinces of Turkey.

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