The death of comrade Poroshenko: it became known who was the murderer, thunders a new scandal

Гибель соратника Порошенко: стало известно, кем оказался душегуб, гремит новый скандал

Security forces found one of the suspects who committed an armed assault against an employee of AP Alexander Buttolo

This information was published a press-service of capital Prosecutor’s office.

It is noted that one of the suspects in the attack on officer AP Buttolo Alexander, who was found dead yesterday morning in Kiev, was a citizen of Armenia.

Гибель соратника Порошенко: стало известно, кем оказался душегуб, гремит новый скандал

“Under the procedural leadership of the Kiev local Prosecutor’s office No. 10 of the police investigators announced suspicion of the 25-year-old citizen of the Republic of Armenia in the Commission of assault on 46-year-old local resident,” — said in the message.

During a pretrial investigation it was established that on 13 March at 23:50 t, while in St. Baggovutovskaya in Kiev, the suspect, along with another attacker, whose identity is not yet established, was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The suspects saw the unfamiliar man and decided to Rob him.

“The attackers struck the victim at least four blows to the head, causing the man fell to the ground. After that he took possession of his personal belongings, namely, mobile phone and Bank card and fled the scene of the crime”, — told the Agency.

It is also noted that one of the attackers detained as article 208 criminal procedure code and it is declared suspicion under part 2 of article 187 of the criminal code (robbery committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons in order to seize other people’s property, connected with violence dangerous for the life of the person attacked).

Гибель соратника Порошенко: стало известно, кем оказался душегуб, гремит новый скандал

A citizen of Armenia withdrew a material evidence — the mobile phone of the deceased employee up Alexander Buttolo. Now preparing to petition the court of election of a suspect measure of restraint in form of detention.

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In addition, law enforcement agencies are now actively establish the identity of the second suspect and take steps to stop it.

Earlier it was reported that the man’s body was discovered March 14 at 6:50 in the capital on the street Baggoutovskaya, near the gate of the unfinished Church. Traces of blood followed the deceased and found the security guard who went from the night shift.

Almost immediately it became known that the found is a member of the presidential Administration of Ukraine. When it was discovered the identity of the employee AP.

According to the chief of Shevchenkovsky regional Department of police Herman Attacks Bohdalova was robbed, and his death was caused by coronary heart disease.

We will remind, Poroshenko ally killed in Kiev: the body was found near the Church, the scandal makeup pans.

As reported Politeka, police uncovered a shocking detail about the death of a member of the presidential Administration.

Also Politeka wrote who he was and what he did killed ally Poroshenko.

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