The death of an IDF officer: mistakes were revealed in the fight against terrorists

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 IDF officer dies: Mistakes in fight against terrorists revealed

The IDF released the results of its investigation into the death of IDF officer Bar Falah during a shootout with terrorists near Jenin in September. The findings were presented to IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi. According to investigators, mistakes were made during the operation. On September 14, IDF soldiers found two suspects approaching a security fence near a military post. The suspects approached the fence at 15 meters and lay down. The soldiers did not notice that they were armed. The soldiers fired into the air. Additional forces were deployed to the area where the suspects were, including the commander of the Menashe Brigade, Colonel Arik Moyal. A Zik UAV was also brought there, but it was not used. The military was divided into two parts, one led by Falah and the other by Moyal. After that, the terrorists opened fire. As a result, they were liquidated, but Falah was also wounded. He later died from his wound. According to the results of the investigation, among the mistakes of the IDF was the way the fighters decided to isolate the area with terrorists.

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