The dark side of Eurovision: intrigues and scandals

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 The dark side of Eurovision: intrigues and scandals

There are a few hours left before the Eurovision 2022 final.

The competition is watched by millions of people around the world, but Eurovision ; it is not only beautiful outfits and incendiary songs. According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the Eurovision there is also a dark side with scandals and intrigues.

For example, in 2019 Ukraine refused to participate in the competition. This came after the decision of the winner of the preselection, Maruv, who declared that she refused to be a “political tool”. The singer made this decision because of the conditions in which she was asked not to perform in Russia before the competition. Other participants in the preselection also refused to participate in Eurovision.

Last year, participants from Belarus were banned from participating because of a political song.

Also, Eurovision I remember the scandal with the Maltese singer Destiny Chukunyere. According to the press, the taxpayers' money that was allocated for the competition was spent, among other things, on financing foreign citizens who bet on the singer from Malta.

The Italian group Maneskin, winners of last year's Eurovision, also got into trouble. The audience accused the soloist of the group of drug use during the final of the competition. The band denied the accusations, and lead singer Damiano underwent a drug test to back up his claims.

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