The Curse of the Champions: Can France Defend the World Cup Title?

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 Curse of the champions: can France defend the World Cup title

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The last three World Championships have seen what some call a curse. Its essence is the following — the team that takes the main trophy of the World Cup does not leave the group at the next tournament.

It all started with Italy, which took the gold of the 2006 World Cup, but failed at the 2010 World Cup and took fourth place in the group with Paraguay , Slovakia and New Zealand. Continued the tradition and the victor of the 2010 World Cup — Spain. In 2014, the Spaniards lost their place in the playoffs to the Netherlands and Chile. At the 2018 World Cup, history repeated itself — Germany (winner of the 2014 World Cup) was the last in the quartet with Sweden, Mexico and South Korea.

At the tournament in Qatar, the French are under threat — reigning world champions. And given the latest news about this team, it might be worth believing in a curse. In what form did the French team approach the tournament — we will tell further. And you can find out more about the entire World Cup on the Legalbet website. Interesting fact: until 2018, the French once won the World Cup — in 1998; and four years later, at the 2002 World Cup, they also failed to qualify from the group.

Over the past four years, the team has managed to participate in the full cycle of the European Championship 2021 and in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. Qualifying for the European Championship 2021 did not cause big problems for the French. However, at the tournament itself, France sensationally dropped out already at the ⅛ final stage, losing to Switzerland.

In the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, the French again took first place. But here the experts noted the mediocre game of the team, which is confirmed by statistics: among all the winners of the qualifying groups in Europe, France scored almost the least (only Spain and Switzerland are worse). But in many respects thanks to the attack, the team won the 2018 World Cup. Basically the main characters are the same. However, unfortunately, we will miss some of the leaders at the World Cup.

Already confirmed — Paul Pogba will not attend the World Cup. Back in July, the Frenchman suffered a meniscus injury in a Juventus training session. and according to all forecasts, he had to have time to recover for the tournament. However, the wrong choice of treatment methods by the player and an attempt to speed up the process only exacerbated the injury, depriving Paul of the chance to participate in the World Cup.

Also, we will not see Ngolo Kante at the tournament. Player all the beginning of the season pursued problems with the hamstring. And in the end, when the situation worsened completely, the athlete lay down on the operating table. Full recovery will last until the next calendar year, so Kante will not go to Qatar.

While preparing for the tournament, Karim Benzema was injured — current winner of the Ballon d'Or. The coach of the French national team decided not to take another player in his place.

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