The crown toppled Eretz Neederet

The crown toppled Eretz Nederet

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A number of Israeli celebrities have caught the coronavirus.

Last week, the host of the satirical program Eretz Neederet Eyal Kitsis contracted coronavirus at a conference in Maima. The same event was attended by Israeli Consul in New York Asaf Zamir, reporter for Channel 12 Yona Livzon and journalist Hila Korach.

Famous Israeli actor, movie and advertising star Yehuda Levi also contracted the coronavirus – already the second once. The first time Levi fell ill with coronavirus in March 2021.

Famous host Rafi Reshef named after his wife Nurit Gal-On and former beauty queen Moore Maman got sick with coronavirus.

At the Cameri Theater the actor Amos Tamam became infected. He was supposed to play the main role in the play “ Genius in a Cage '', which was to be staged for the 100th anniversary. The performance has been postponed due to the actor's illness.

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