The craziest challenge in MasterChef cried Sabina –

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The craziest challenge in MasterChef cried Sabina –

Source: with the permission of TV Nova

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Another part of the MasterChef cooking show brought the topic of zero waste, or the use of leftovers in cooking. The challenge was really a shock to some of the competitors. They were not used to processing animal heads. One of the competitors eventually had to leave the competition.

In the last part of the cooking competition MasterChef on Nova TV, the contestants tried out what it’s like to cook like that, to consume everything and nothing is wasted. The so-called zero waste principle has recently become a fashion trend. MasterChef participants so they were given individual pieces of vegetables and had to conjure up stunning food with them.

In the end, Jitka did the best, bringing her carrot rags to perfection and not only wandering to the balcony, but also she received a gold apron, which guarantees her immunity in the next call. Everyone but Beska, Sabina and Jana traveled to the balcony with her. These three women had to fight in a challenge to stay in the competition.

Animal heads derailed Sabina

The jury is composed Jan Punčochář, Radek Kašpárek a Přemek Forejt she came up with a really shocking task for them. They had to process the animal heads they found under their lids. The most out of the assignment was Sabina, who did not hide her tears when she looked at the sheep’s head. “I’ve probably never seen anything like it,” said the obviously shaken competitor. However, the others supported her and so she bravely resisted her task.

However, the other two participants did not miss the problems either. The Besky, which was slicing the monk’s head, was stressed as she tried to cut the meat. Jana, who had to deal with the rabbit’s head again mass croquet was falling apartwhich she planned to cook. Evidently, she did not catch up with the task, despite the competitors’ warning from the balcony that she had no time left.

In the end, the jurors didn’t have to think for a long time about who to exclude. While the dishes of Beska and Sabi were excellent (“The animal did not die for free, Forejt told Sabina happy), Jana did not manage her task. The lawyer from Brno had to end her participation in the competition and hand over the apron.


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