The crash of Tu-154 near Sochi: the Pilots themselves drowned him

Experts believe that the pilots intentionally put the aircraft on water, it did not fall, now experts are trying to figure out the reasons for the strange behavior of the crew commander.

Авіакатастрофа Ту-154 під Сочі: Пілоти самі втопили його

After completion of the technical part of the investigation into the crash of Tu-154 and conducting a 3D reconstruction, it became known that the airplane did not fall, and the pilots somehow carried out a controlled landing on water, reports Rus.Media.

According to sources, the plane sat on the water under the control of the commander of the crew of Roman Volkov. The reason for this strange behavior of the pilot are now looking for is already on administrative lines: the defense Ministry studied the medical records of the deceased pilot and the results of passing psychological tests, interviewing instructors who taught the major to fly, and also find out whether there was organized a crew rest before the flight.

Version error crew has become dominant in the investigation. Witnesses of the accident say that the plane nose-dived, as it were splashed on the surface of the sea. This maneuver cost the lives of 92 the Russians on Board the Tu-154 that was heading to Syria.

The experts were able to receive and decode the data recorder worn. Repair recorder and a transcript of the military instructed more experienced civilian experts of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC).

The result was the so-called 3D-model of the last flight of the Tu-154 – videoregistratore motion machine in space with the imposed figures, which reflect the altitude, and other data, as well as describing all uttered at the same words and actions of pilots.

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The results were shocking

The reconstruction showed that the aircraft took off normally. About a minute after takeoff Tu-154 reached a height of about 250 m and a speed of about 360-370 km/h, and immediately after that on Board was rapidly developing emergency situation. The crew commander Roman Volkov, who had to climb— in fact, turned the car in the Seating mode. Within ten seconds the plane was down under the control of the pilot.

According to experts, the cause of the tragedy could be disorientation of the pilot in space. In the dark, over the sea, the pilot did not control the visual state of the machine. Disorient the crew could even the stars, which simultaneously reflected on the surface of the water.

In the Ministry of defense version of the crew reject.

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