The court returned to the police the case against DDT soloist Shevchuk

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 The court returned the case against DDT soloist Shevchuk to the police

A court in St. Petersburg returned to the Ufa police an administrative case on discrediting the Russian army, which was opened against the soloist of the famous DDT group Yuri Shevchuk.

The court explained the return of the case by shortcomings in the protocol, reports the United Press Service of the Courts of St. Petersburg

As explained in court, the Ufa police did not describe the event of the offense in the protocol. Also in the document “there is no indication of what exactly the public calls to prevent the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to protect the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens” expressed. This shortcoming was called “significant”.

By the way, the message of the press service of the courts about the return of the case begins with a quote from the DDT song: “And in the open field, angels are cornflowers.”
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