The country will get rid of all planes from Russia: “sell wholesale”

Страна избавится от всех самолетов из России: «продадут оптом»

The Hungarian authorities are going to drop an unnecessary ballast

Hungary is going to auction off all the MiG-29, which is in the country.

Want to get rid of from nineteen fighters, which are on balance of the Ministry of defence. Moreover, the aircraft more are iron trash. Planes in need of major repairs.

Страна избавится от всех самолетов из России: «продадут оптом»

Hungarians want to get for this lot at least 10 million dollars. It will be the initial cost.

It is reported that just Russian planes to sell will fail. Will have to wait for approval from Russia.

Note that the MiG-29 in the amount of 28 was brought to Hungary from Russia 26 years ago as payment of the Soviet debt.

When the country became a member of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), the Hungarians began to get rid of the MiGs, replacing them with Swedish aircraft.

Since 2010, the flights of the MiG-29 nobody does.

At present, the cost of the new fighter of this model is approximately $ 25 million.

As previously reported, in late January in the sky over the Far East clash of two Russian fighter-bombers su-34.

“Two su-34 was from the sea and collided in the air. The crew of one aircraft ejected. The fate of both crews is still unknown,” said an eyewitness in the military.

Страна избавится от всех самолетов из России: «продадут оптом»

Note that there are photos of the new designs from Sweden, designed to “calm” the Russian air force. This was reported by the commander of the Swedish air force mats Helgesson. “Swedish fighter Saab Gripen E, designed to destroy su. Here we have the black belt,” he said.

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According to Swedish journalists, its main feature is the price, which is much less than American counterparts, as well as superior means of electronic warfare and suppression of enemy radars.

Also, the fighter will make flights to Russian competitors in the “a nightmare.”

Recall that the plane crashed in the heart of Europe, no one survived.

As reported Politeka, a passenger plane rammed the truck with feces.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the Russians did not even have time to take off: at the airport there was a terrible emergency.

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