The corpse of the young girl was stunned by the signs of torture: “raped, beaten, strangled”

Труп молодой девушки ошарашил следами пыток: "насиловали, били, душили"

Violent crime shocked even the local law enforcement

It is noted that the heinous massacre took place in the Zaporozhye region.

In particular, in the region of brutally murdered young girl who could “accidentally fall under the distribution”.

Труп молодой девушки ошарашил следами пыток: "насиловали, били, душили"

It is known that the main suspect came home to the father of the deceased to ask for money. After some time between them, a quarrel broke out, as the owner refused to his guest.

In the conflict men decided to intervene the daughter of the owner, which in the end drove the guest from the house. However, the next morning the neighborhood was discovered the corpse of a young girl.

On interrogation the arrested man claimed that that night he and his friends consumed alcoholic drinks. And after some time, allegedly went to sleep.

On the corpse of a young girl were found numerous traces of blows on the body and mind. In addition, she was raped. The main suspect, who the day before had a quarrel with his father dead, his guilt admitted.

We know that the justice, after reviewing the materials in the controversial case, acknowledged the man, asking in debt, guilty. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. In addition, the court ordered him to pay moral damages to the family of the deceased in the amount of 300 thousand UAH.

Труп молодой девушки ошарашил следами пыток: "насиловали, били, душили"

Previously, we reported that a taxi driver is brutally murdered 6-year-old child. It is known that a heinous crime occurred in Saudi Arabia. In the Muslim Holy city of Medina taxi driver killed 6-year-old child on the grounds of religious hatred.

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As noted, the driver in advance asked on their way to the Mosque of the prophet Muhammad women, whether it is seidou. After receiving a positive response, he stopped the vehicle, pulled out of him, despite the cries of the passenger, Zakaria al-Jaber, and slit the boy’s throat with a broken bottle.

Recall, teenagers severely beat a friend in Zhytomyr: the massacre was caught on video.

As reported Politeka, mother stabbed daughter and himself from a grave illness.

Also Politeka wrote that the massacre in Kiev was stunned by the cruelty.

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