The corpse of a man found in the toilet of the Ministry of foreign Affairs: the details of the mysterious tragedy

Труп мужчины обнаружили в туалете МИД: детали загадочной трагедии

The mysterious death of the employee the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: the corpse in the building was discovered in the middle of the toilet departmental building in Moscow

As Telegram reports channel “112” in the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA) of Russia has found the body of a man. The body was found by employees of the Department on the 19th floor in the bathroom.

Труп мужчины обнаружили в туалете МИД: детали загадочной трагедии

The dead man was 68-year-old Oleg Krivov, who also served in this Department.

According to preliminary information, signs of violent death on his body there.

Official information about the found body is not yet confirmed.

Earlier it was reported that at the railway station in Kiev there was a deadly emergency. It is noted that the incident took place tonight, February 7. It is known that the man was late for his train, and after a while in the station building was discovered his body.

According to information, the incident happened on the second floor of South station. There tonight, volunteers found the body of a man who missed the train in Lisichansk. The building he entered, being intoxicated passenger was very wobbly.

When he realized he was late for his train, I decided to spend a night in the waiting room. About an hour later, the volunteers saw that the man feels bad. He tried to bring to life with the help of ammonia.

In addition, the man put on one side, so he choked his own saliva. However, all efforts were in vain, because the passenger died right in the waiting room of South station. At the emergency arrived investigative team, which will determine the details of the tragedy.

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Труп мужчины обнаружили в туалете МИД: детали загадочной трагедии

It was also reported that in Kiev, Povitroflotskyi Avenue battered woman jumped out of the window. The tragedy happened on February 10.The body is blood lying in the flower bed near the house №48/2.

The call to emergency services was received at about 11:30.

According to preliminary information, the woman jumped from the third floor window. Arrived at the doctors could only say death. The body had obvious signs of abuse: bruises on the face, arms, legs and torso. But she died from hitting the ground.

Militiamen identified the personality of the deceased. She was a woman of 1981 year of birth, previously convicted for drug trafficking.

We will remind, in Odessa found human remains during works

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