The corpse of a baby found in the garbage: “stuck in a box”, photos from the scene of the tragedy

Труп младенца нашли на помойке: "засунули в коробку", фото с места трагедии

Simple passers-by found the terrible discovery on one of the dumps

This information has confirmed a press-service of regional national police.

It is reported that in a box from under the Shoe was found a corpse of the baby.

Труп младенца нашли на помойке: "засунули в коробку", фото с места трагедии

The police say that they received a call that the store “rainbow”, located on the street of Mendeleyev in the city of Rubizhne in the trash discovered the body of a baby. The security forces immediately went to the emergency and the information was confirmed.

During the inspection of the scene of the incident investigators found a plastic bag in which there were boxes of shoes. It was in this box was the body of a dead baby.

“Currently, by order of the chief of GUNP created enhanced investigative team, composed of experienced investigators and operational staff, are held urgent investigative and operational activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident and the child’s mother”, — said the press service of the police.

The corpse of the baby was sent to a comprehensive forensic medical examination to establish the cause of death. On the basis of the forensic medical examination will be given a legal qualification for a terrible accident.

It is also reported that on this fact was opened criminal proceedings under article 117 of the criminal code of Ukraine (Premeditated murder of the mother of his newborn child).

Труп младенца нашли на помойке: "засунули в коробку", фото с места трагедии

Труп младенца нашли на помойке: "засунули в коробку", фото с места трагедии

Previously, we reported that police stumbled on the corpse of a young Ukrainian woman in the river. It is noted that the tragedy occurred in Melitopol (Zaporizhia region). There, security forces found the body of 21-year-old girl who disappeared earlier. 11 Mar at 17:30 in the Melitopol police Department asked a local resident born in 1961, with information about the disappearance of his daughter.

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According to the woman, in this day around 14:00 the girl born in 1998 left the house on Pushkin street and never returned. Security forces immediately began searching and did this for a few days, until he came upon a horrible discovery.

Recall, a nightmare in the city centre: the girl was the victim of a brutal attack.

As reported Politeka, seven-year-old girl died on the last day of vacation: “mom, help”.

Also Politeka wrote that 13-year-old girl was the cause of a terrible accident: they caught on video.

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