The coolest BMW will be electric

Найкрутіша BMW стане електричною

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Most masthead modification BMW 7-series will be electric. Read details!

The reason for this decision was the economic inexpediency of the revision of the V12 engine under the new emissions standards.

In the line of engines of the new “seven” as before remains of gasoline specifications, diesel engines and hybrid power plant. But 760i, which now produces 601 K. S., will be replaced.

The company has so far said nothing about the new engine, however it is not difficult to assume that if we are talking about top modification, its capacity is clearly not lower than its predecessor. Did not shed light in the BMW and the name of the new machine: many experts believe that the electric 7-series will be called i7. Well, apparently we can only accept the fact that the motors completely replace the favorite drivers internal combustion engines. Or maybe it’s for the best.

Найкрутіша BMW стане електричною

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