The construction of settlements in Judea and Samaria: the police are trying to prevent

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 Settlement building in Judea and Samaria: police try to interfere

A large number of people are participating in the initiative of the Nahala movement. to build three new settlements in Judea and Samaria. People trying to get to the construction site face police attempts to prevent their passage.

According to Haruts Sheva, “thousands of people” are participating in the initiative.

New The communities that the activists are to create are located in the Psagot, Ma'ale Khalkhul and Samaria regions.

The police have set up many checkpoints on the access roads to these areas and are inspecting vehicles. Those who do not live in nearby settlements are not allowed to go further. The police also urged to stay away from this place.

“During these hours, police officers act illegally, preventing the passage of innocent civilians traveling on their daily business,” the Binyamin Council said.
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