“The conscripts were sent to the cells of the terrorists”

Gilboa Prison Governor Freddie Ben Sheetrit made a shocking statement during interrogation.

Among other things, he said that Palestinian prisoners were forcibly brought in to satisfy their sexual needs Israeli female security guards.

Ben-Shitrit said: “ Female conscripts were provided to terrorists for sexual purposes. ''

Liran Levy, journalist who first told about sexual harassment in Gilboa Prison (for more details, see Sitting for Pleasure: Conditions for Detaining Terrorists in Israel), says Gilad Erdan, the former Minister of Homeland Security and now Israel's ambassador to the UN, helped to “ hush up '' incident. '' Ben-Shitrit did not mention Eradan in his testimony.

Ben-Shitrit also said that “ the reason the watchtower on the escape route of the terrorists was out of control was because it was a district order to cut number of towers & rdquo ;.

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