the confession leaves everyone speechless

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the confession leaves everyone speechless

GF Vip, “I’d like to go”: the confession leaves everyone stunned; what happened in the most watched house on television.

GF Vip, “I’d like to go”: the confession leaves everyone stunned; what happened in the most watched house on television. (Source Mediaset Play)

The sixth edition of the GF VIP is now in full swing. In the most spied-on house on TV, the tension is skyrocketing, to the point that there is talk of real “factions”. There are those who are having fun and enjoying this experience 100% and for those, however, there is no shortage of problems.

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In the past few hours, a competitor has come to think of leave the game, in a moment of great despair and difficulty. Let’s find out what happened and the reason for this collapse.

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GF Vip, “I’d like to leave”: the competitor has a moment of failure, will she leave the house?

An experience made of ups and downs, that of Lulu in the house of GF VIP 6. Princess Selassié, competing with the two sisters Clarissa and Jessica, she is not having a very happy moment. In the house, Lucrezia met Manuel Bortuzzo, with which a story was born. But apparently something has changed after the initial enthusiasm. Probably due to the girl’s excessive jealousy, which does not allow Manuel to have his space.

After Monday’s episode, Lulù has a breakdown and talks about it with Manuel: “I often approach to hug you, but I always find a wall and all this hurts me. I would like to leave because I have so many problems serious in life and in here I do not live well “. The girl expresses the desire to leave the house, precisely because of her discomfort. Of which he apologizes to Manuel: “I don’t want to pity you love, sorry if I gave you this stress tonight, I really care so much otherwise I wouldn’t have been here, I really know how special you are. “

the confession leaves everyone speechless

(Fonte Mediaset Play)

Among the couple’s misunderstandings, there is the “bed” issue: Manuel prefers to sleep with Aldo Montano, but Lulù does not seem to accept it. “We also do mature people: if I want to sleep with Aldo I sleep there, when you and I want to sleep together we sleep. We are great, we must not get lost in these things ”. How will the acquaintance between the two competitors continue? Will the clear sky return?

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