The composition of the European Parliament were joined by the chef and “sad comic”

Состав Европарламента пополнили шеф-повар и «грустный комик»

Also won election to the basketball star.

Elections to the European Parliament on Sunday in different countries were won by the candidates with unexpected backgrounds and professions, reports the with reference on the European truth.

On the list of the Lithuanian Union of farmers and green (LSKS, “farmers”) in the European Parliament was one of the most famous Lithuanian basketball players Sarunas Marciulionis. The former sports star, however, is not a member of the party. 54-year-old Marciulionis — Soviet and Lithuanian basketball player, honored master of sports of the USSR (1988) and a member of the Basketball Hall of fame (2014).

From the Austrian “green” in the Parliament was held and star chef Sarah Wiener. Wiener grew up in Vienna, but has built a career through a network of successful restaurants and the Museum bistro in Berlin. Wiener opposes genetically modified foods and healthy nutrition of children and adolescents. She also supports a ban of pesticides.

A member of the European Parliament from the German satirical party called “the Party” will be Nico Samrat who calls himself “the saddest comedian in the world.” In German the ballot his occupation was listed as “coach of demotivation”.

Austrian President dismissed the government of Kurtz resigned

A list of “Party” is basically meaningless. For example, a political force proposes to prohibit the people from voting in the last 18 years of their life or pick up a driving licence of those who deny climate change. However, since then, as the leader of the Party and a former journalist Martin Sonneborn received a mandate in the European Parliament five years ago, the party became more serious.

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