the completely renovated Luna Negra offers an eclectic program for its 25th anniversary

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the completely renovated Luna Negra offers an eclectic program for its 25th anniversary

Concerts, humor, improvisation rings, hypnosis: the choice is vast. The programming of the Luna Negra is stalled until January 2022. The Bayonnais café-theater has started again.

The Black moon awaits “Mister” Peter Harper firmly. The Californian singer is preparing to release his new album “Survive” on the day of the first of his two concerts in Bayonne (October 1-2). “Peter comes back every time he travels to France,” says Luc Pelletier. Two years ago, he had organized his tour around his dates at La Luna. These are artists who have an impossible reach and who adore the place for the reception and its proximity to the public. “

A deep voice that sings Barbara

A week later (Thursday 7th), Eolya, passed by The Voice, will come to “present something special”. A Celtic performance, a little tribal, accompanied by its didjeridoo (aboriginal instrument) and its hurdy-gurdy.

The next day, spectators will be able to attend “Sacred victory! », A single tragicomic scene whose scenography is provided by Julien Menant, animator of the improvisation workshops.

Gilles Llerena alias Cyrano de Méknes, “a former member of La Luna”, will provide the show for free on Saturday 9. “When he saw our crowdfunding, he said he would come and do a show and that all the ticketing would come back to us”, greets Luc Pelletier.

On October 13 and 14, Lou Casa will revisit “the friendship between Barbara and Brel in a very modern way. He’s a guy who is two meters tall and has a super deep voice. It’s very impressive when he starts singing Barbara. “

Three shows on Sunday

Obviously, the improvisation rings, a hallmark of the Bayonne café-theater, will continue. A special Halloween edition is already set for Sunday, October 31. Yes, Sunday, for the very first time.

“With all the cancellations, we had a lot of shows to catch up on,” Luc Pelletier says. We put a few dates on Sunday but it won’t be a habit. However, I think it can be interesting. 4:30 pm it’s nice: we leave the table, we have a little digeo, we go to La Luna and we go on to the aperitif ”, smiles the artistic director.

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