The company Elon musk went on the “evil side”: “malicious content”

Компания Илона Маска перешла на "сторону зла": "вредоносный контент"

The company OpenAL Elon musk taught artificial intelligence to create a phony news, though the purpose of such development, scientists did not specify

“Russia has declared war on the US after Donald trump accidentally” wrote the researchers in the program. However, the system has added “Launched a rocket into the air. Russia stated that it “found the trajectory of the rocket and will attract all the necessary resources to achieve the security of the Russian population and nuclear forces. The White House said that “very concerned” by Russia’s violation of the Treaty of medium-range missiles” — that this fake news published by the developers of OpenAL.

Компания Илона Маска перешла на "сторону зла": "вредоносный контент"

The researchers intended to develop the language General purpose algorithm, trained a huge amount of text from the web, which could translate, answer questions, and perform other useful tasks. But soon they began to worry about possible abuse.

“We started to test it and quickly discovered that it’s relatively easy to create malicious content,” — said Director of policy OpenAI Jack Clark.

According to him, AI can be used to automate the creation of fake news, social media messages text or other malicious content. Such a tool could publish negative news about the environment or scandalous revelations during the election.

Fake news — this is the problem, but if they were automated, they would be harder to expose. Perhaps a program can be optimized for specific groups or even for individual persons.

Clark also said that soon the AI can reliably create false stories, tweets or comments, which will be even more convincing.

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“It is clear that if this technology Matures — and I would give her one or two years — it could be used for disinformation or propaganda. We are trying to get ahead of it.”

Компания Илона Маска перешла на "сторону зла": "вредоносный контент"

Previously, the company Facebook has placed as advertisements in several major British Newspapers the instructions for identifying false news. In the statement, which appeared on the pages of The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Times, says that you need to carefully check the source of the publications, be skeptical of calling headings and check the date.

Recall, Facebook users can now share 3D photos.

As reported Politeka, Facebook Dating: Zuckerberg has launched its own service for singles.

Also Politeka wrote that Facebook had first gone to such measures: who will no longer be able to use the social network.

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