The common cold is a remedy against COVID-19, – British scientists

Colds - COVID-19 protection - British scientists

According to the scientific journal Nature Communications, researchers at King's College London have traced the relationship between high T-cell levels from the common cold and a reduced risk of contracting coronavirus infection.

It is clarified that the study has been carried out by scientists since September 2020. During this time, 52 volunteers were studied who were not vaccinated and were not previously ill with COVID-19. The subjects were in the same room with an infected person and underwent PCR tests and blood tests after contact.

In addition to tests for infection, specialists analyze the levels of T cells that were produced by common viruses that cause the common cold.

& quot; In 26 volunteers who did not become infected with coronavirus, the level of T cells was significantly higher than that of those infected … It turned out that T cells attack proteins inside the COVID-19 virus, and not the spike protein on the surface of the viral particle. In this way, they protect themselves from the virus, '' said the study authors, Professor Ajit Lalwani.

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