The combination of advanced and alternative medicine in the delivery rooms of the medical center “Meir”

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 Combination of advanced and alternative medicine in the delivery rooms of Meir Medical Center

Reflexology, holistic medical massages and shiatsu treatments: no, this is not a day of pleasure with girlfriends at the newly opened spa, but rather the delivery rooms at the Meir Medical Center, where, recently, a team of qualified and experienced therapists from Clalit refua mashlimah" provide alternative medicine treatments to help reduce the pain and stress that naturally accompanies life's most exciting event. «Childbirth — it is a joyful and exciting event that can be accompanied by anxiety and pain, so reflexology, shiatsu and massage therapy can help during and after childbirth, — explains Dr. Gil Shechter, head of the delivery rooms at Meir Medical Center from the Clalit group and adds: “In the maternity ward” Meir ” it is believed that it is important to allow each woman in labor to choose her own path, while maintaining the safety of the mother and the newborn. That is why we decided to integrate alternative medicine methods into the therapeutic complex.
Alternative medicine treatments are one of many innovations in the maternity ward, including: water births to better manage labor pains, and caesarean sections in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, Michal Perez, head of the nursing staff at the maternity ward at the Meir Medical Center, explains: “The midwives of the Meir Hospital constantly attend refresher courses to be as useful as possible to women in labor during childbirth. We are trained in the Spinning Baby method, which allows better positioning of the baby in the birth canal through pelvic and body movements. We believe that every woman in labor can have a positive birth experience if a whole team takes care of her and her baby.
“Alternative medicine treatments are recommended by physicians and performed by Clalit Refua Mashlimah's team of professional, qualified and experienced therapists.” explains Dr. Gil Schechter. Great projects are often the result of collaboration, and integrating alternative medicine into the maternity ward is a project that brings the best of both worlds with it for the comfort and well-being of women in labor.
“Procedures in the delivery room are extremely important and can affect a woman's ability to cope with pain and contractions, help with relaxation, reduce muscle pain, and more,” — explains Dr. Schechter.
during the week in the morning, various additional medical procedures are provided, including: Reflexology – the most requested tactile therapy for women in labor and pregnant women. During childbirth, reflexology can help thanks to a unique technique. The procedure is also suitable for women who have received an epidural and are lying on their backs.
Shiatsu — Japanese healing technique based on Chinese medicine combined with Western techniques. The meaning of the word “shiatsu” — “finger pressure” (shi = finger, atsu = pressure).
The pressure technique creates the feeling of “hugging every organ”, and for the same reason, the Japanese usually say that “the heart of shiatsu — this is the mother's heart. During childbirth, the procedure will attempt to help the body by relieving pain associated with childbirth and removing blockages. Pressure on the energy channels in the body (meridians) associated with the uterus will be used to help the fetus descend, enter the birth canal and begin active labour. Holistic therapeutic massage – our massage therapists will be able to significantly relieve the pain that occurs during pregnancy, due to obvious changes that cause stress on the lower back and legs. Massage is primarily designed to relax and relieve muscle pain.
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