The Colombian has punished her husband for treason swept him naked on the roof of the car. Video

Колумбийка наказала мужа за измену прокатив его голым на крыше авто. Видео

The woman caught the man red-handed while cheating and put the word “forgiveness”.

In Colombia, the wife drove her husband naked on the roof of the car. Such a punishment the woman applied because of infidelity of a spouse. It is reported online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

A resident of the Colombian city of Barranquilla caught her husband cheating. He took refuge with his mistress in the hotel room. Wife said I would forgive her husband if he would strip naked and climb onto the roof of her car, and she takes him around the city.

The man agreed to the terms of Eugene. Eyewitnesses filmed a naked man in the video and videos quickly spread on the Network.

In Romania, the hail has broken tens of cars. Video

As a result, local authorities arrested a naked traitor for violating public order.

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