The coach told how to beat Lomachenko: “He’s already lost”

Тренер соперника рассказал, как победить Ломаченко: «Он уже проигрывал»

Ukrainian world champion in easy weight under version WBO and WBA Vasyl Lomachenko in danger of losing the mandatory Challenger for his WBA title to British boxer Anthony Kroll

This was stated by British trainer Joe Gallagher, who considers his pupil favorite for this match.

With high probability the battle Lomachenko – Kroll on 12 April in the US.

Тренер соперника рассказал, как победить Ломаченко: «Он уже проигрывал»

Originally this date was assigned to fight against the Ukrainian holder of the IBF title Richard Commit, but this boxer was seriously injured and unlikely to recover before the scheduled date.

The status of underdog Kroll does not bother his coach, he is still confident that his pupil has a chance to win.

“Yes, I know that Anthony is not the favorite in this match and we all had to write off. But do not forget that Lomachenko was already lost. No one doubts that he is a fantastic fighter.

Still not the best in the world, because there is Saul Alvarez, but in the top 5 P4P ranking he’s definitely included. He was defeated early in his career, and Anthony will be able to repeat it, because he also has two arms and two legs.

Kroll is not much different from other boxers, because he wants to be one of the best. Boxing is too unpredictable, the opponent can withdraw from the bout due to injury, for example. Noah is not about that, I don’t want that to happen with Lomachenko. He is the favorite, but the underdog status did not prevent the Underwear to go into the ring with Mustache”, — quotes the words of coach Boxing Social.

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Тренер соперника рассказал, как победить Ломаченко: «Он уже проигрывал»

Earlier we wrote that former world champion Javier Fortuna spoke about the desire to fight with the Ukrainian world champion Vasyl Lomachenko. Dominican needs a new contract after a successful entry into the ring against the Sharif Bogere.

The boxer said that he is still with whom to fight, he is ready to play against Vasyl Lomachenko. Now the most likely contender for Fortune’s remains Geronta Davis.

“The judge correctly scored the knockdown. It was noticeable, as his eyes began to glisten, and his legs were like cotton. When he opened cut, our plan is to fight slightly changed. I immediately began to attack the damaged area.

Now I need a new contract to fight Gerontol Davis or someone else. I’m willing to fight with Vasyl Lomachenko, but in principle with any fighter”, — quotes the words of Dominican, El Abejon.

We will remind, earlier it became known, earned Lomachenko fight with Pedrosoi.

As reported Politeka, it became known who will fight Lomachenko after the fight with Pedrosoi.

Also Politeka told me that about Lomachenko has released a new documentary.

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