The coach of the Ukrainian national team named the reason for the conflict with Malinovsky

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The coach of the Ukrainian national team named the cause of the conflict with Malinovsky

In the camp & # 171; blue-yellow & # 187; the teams are restless.

The head coach of the Ukrainian national team Oleksandr Petrakov spoke about the strained relationship that he had with the midfielder Ruslan Malinovsky . The situation between the player and the mentor heated up after the matches of the qualifying tournament of the World Cup-2022 with the teams of Kazakhstan ( 2: 2 ) and France (1: 1 ), which the footballer started on the bench, reports with reference to TSN.

& # 171; Malinovsky came up and said that he also wanted to leave. The receptionist told him that we bought him a ticket for September 9th, another match in the Czech Republic. And he said that he did not want to stay, but wanted to leave. He didn't explain it in any way. I asked the administrator to take him a ticket. If a person wants to go, then let him go.

There is no conflict, we did not swear, nothing like that. & Nbsp; We first talked with him in Kazakhstan. I told him that we have a new game scheme. How are we going to talk to you, I say. He replied that a year ago, when he played in Belgium, he might have been against it, but now he knows that the interests of the team come first. And then personal. I told him: & # 171; Hold your hand. Well done & # 187 ;.

At & # 171; Olympic & # 187; I approached him and asked if he was ready to play with France if I released him as a replacement. He was offended. Said: & # 171; Okay, I have not played in Kazakhstan. Why don't I play here? & # 187; We agreed with you, I say & # 8212; the interests of the team in the first place. And he says he was offended.

I say: & # 171; Then I apologize to you. Will this suit you? & # 187; He replied no. Everything. He sat down and left. Everything is fine, we did not fight, we are on good terms. Do you want to go & # 8212; leave. This is not a club with contractual obligations. This is the national team, don't you want & # 8212; go & # 187 ;, – said Petrakov on the air of the program & # 171; Great football & # 187 ;.

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