The coach of Shakhtar gave an unexpected assessment of the opponent in the Europa League: “Herd of buffaloes”

Тренер Шахтера дал неожиданную оценку сопернику в Лиге Европы: «Стадо бизонов»

Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca told about future battles with Eintracht Frankfurt in the 1/16 finals of League of Europe

Ahead of the match with Eintracht Mourinho talked to the media representatives and answered questions of interest to almost all fans of the miners.

“Preparation for the second part of the season was fine, we had no changes in game plan all our principles long known the players well prepared, everyone knows how the team plays. I hope we were able to prepare the team for the matches with Eintracht” — began his speech at the press conference, Fonseca.

Тренер Шахтера дал неожиданную оценку сопернику в Лиге Европы: «Стадо бизонов»

“In the Bundesliga was a small pause, not as big as we are, but because Eintracht Frankfurt will play with the experience of playing in official matches this year. For us this is not the ideal situation, of course, difficult to start a new year of League of Europe”.

It is worth noting that Paulo met with this German team, when was the head coach of the Port, and then he won victories and knocked Eintracht Frankfurt out of the tournament.

“I remember those matches against Eintracht Frankfurt, but if you want to see if I would be happy with a draw in tomorrow’s match, my answer is no. We always play to win and tomorrow we will play only on a victory”.

“For us the most important thing is to win in this match, but my motivation is not based on revenge ADI Hutter for the defeat from young Boys”.

Recall that in the first season to the coaching staff of Shakhtar Fonseca in the Champions League qualification met with the Swiss young boys, who at the time was coached by current head coach of the Eintracht – ADI Hutter. Then the Ukrainian team sensationally departed, losing to the Swiss in a penalty shootout.

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Journalists also asked about the care Rakitskiy to the Zenith, and shall it be a loss for the club.

“Rakytskyy was an important element in our team. Can it be replaced by someone in the start of attacks? We have a lot of players, and I’m sure we can solve this problem. For example, tomorrow his position will play David Khocholava and I hope he will succeed”.

Тренер Шахтера дал неожиданную оценку сопернику в Лиге Европы: «Стадо бизонов»

The main power of the opponent Fonseca called them the attacking trio of forwards that is among the top three in Europe in terms of effectiveness, these forwards are: Rebić, Jovic and alle.

“These attackers are, I believe, earned the nickname “the bison herd”. They scored 40 goals in 29 matches, that is worth a lot. But as a coach, I appreciate the team not only on the line of attack, and all of it. They play very well, which is only the group stage of the Europa League, where Dortmund have won all six matches.”

Also not without question, why is summer a newcomer, Maicon most time in the winter training camp played with the reserve.

“Maicon is definitely not lost the competition to Patrick, they are both players of the highest level. I just change the composition, I spend a rotation, adapt to the opponent, there is no question who is better and who is worse.”

The Portuguese even declared that is dissatisfied with and that has not been purchased right-back and that left only two nominal player in this position, one of which is actually a midfielder.

“Yes, I did, and continue to think as well. We are unable to sign the player, who wanted now to play with those who have. We are trying to adapt to this position Sergey Bolbat and its adaptation, I think, is pretty good.”

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Also the head coach of Shakhtar spoke about the newcomers club, and whether they should expect in the application for the match.

Тренер Шахтера дал неожиданную оценку сопернику в Лиге Европы: «Стадо бизонов»

“Bondarenko will not be able to help us due to injury. Fernando, unfortunately, got injured at the end of the autumn part of the season. He then scored a good form, now he already trains in the General group, but now he can’t play, by showing our best football. All those players who were in the squad for the tournament, got there because we rely on them”.

“Malyshev is a great professional, he is very long did not play. How it works surpassed all my expectations, it is very trying. I would like to thank him for his work, I am very happy when I see such work of the player. I think that if he continues to work hard he will be able to quickly get back to max, who he was.”

At the end of the specialist urged fans to come and support the team, as their support for the club is very important.

“I know that the game tomorrow will be very late and will end at midnight, you know that it will be very cold, but still invite all fans to the match, support us”.

Earlier, UEFA has changed the start time in the Champions League this season.

As reported Politeka, the European football Union will also create a new tournament for European clubs. Its launch is to be held in season 2021/22.

Also Politeka wrote about how much will the miner for performance in the Champions League.

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