The coach has committed a terrible crime with an Olympic champion: “right before the competition”

Тренер совершил страшное преступление с олимпийской чемпионкой: «прямо перед соревнованиями»

The legendary Olympic champion spoke about the violence that was perpetrated on her

62-year-old Olga Korbut athlete accused his coach Renaldo Knish rape when she was only 17 years old. It happened before the Olympics in 1972 Munich.

“It’s true that I live with. I kept it all because it was embarrassing. It happened in Minsk at the hotel “Jubilee.” Right before the Olympics, ” — said Korbut in an interview with the Russian media.

Тренер совершил страшное преступление с олимпийской чемпионкой: «прямо перед соревнованиями»

Olympic champion hopes that after its recognition by the 87-year-old Knish will be punished.

“Even when he first went to America, he called me in the room … then he stopped somewhere to ride. It is simply spotted by the guards. He stopped going with me and almost turned me away, I thought that the Americans start to say something. It’s true. Let him speak anything. It is necessary to bear this sin that you have done. And not just with me, Renaldo Ivanovic. I respect you as a coach but as a man, I’m sorry, you are nobody for me, ” she said.

In response to such accusations Knysh rudely called his former ward.

“A lie from the first to the last word. What rudeness, arrogance and an abomination! “said Knish.

Тренер совершил страшное преступление с олимпийской чемпионкой: «прямо перед соревнованиями»

Note that at the Games in Munich in 1974, Korbut won three gold and one silver. Two years after the success of Korbut on motives of the biography of the athletes was filmed feature film “Miracle with pigtails”.

Recall also, in Moscow, died a famous native of Odessa, Olympic champion in 1960.

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Famous athlete died at the age of 85 years.

Valentina Rastvorova was the champion of the Olympic games in fencing.

Rastvorova is a champion of the Olympic games of 1960 in the team competition in fencing on rapiers, as well as a silver medalist in the individual and 1960 Olympics 1964 championship team.

Among the achievements of rapiristki — to win the world championship 1958 in the individual championship in 1956, 1958, 1961, 1965, 1966 team. Silver medalist of the world Championships 1962 and 1967 in team competitions. Bronze medalist of the world championship 1961 in the individual competition. The team won the European Cup in 1966 and 1967.

We will remind, the former Norwegian cross-country skier, Olympic champion Vibeke of Skofterud found dead on the shore of one of the Islands in the South of Norway.

“The deceased was declared missing in the night from Saturday to Sunday at 1:00. Today at 11:30 she was found dead on the island of St. Helena in Choiceline. Nearby was found hydrometer, everything points to the fact that she had an accident on it, ” — said in a statement to the police districts Agder.

We will remind, has left the life of legendary Ukrainian football player.

As reported Politeka, match of the Europa League ended in tragedy: the indignant fan of the crippled judge.

Politeka also wrote that the famous athlete was in a psychiatric clinic.

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