The Chinese have created a “cat intelligence” that learns human voice. Video

Китайцы создали «кота с интеллектом», который узнает человеческий голос. Видео

Recognizes human voice and responds to touch

The Chinese company Ekasbo showed the public a robotic cat called Matebot. Black & white toy pet recognizes the human voice and responds to touch, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua

In addition, the “animal” are the seven parts of the body. The price of the robot starts from $ 45.

Manage Meiboom using the mobile app or to integrate it with voice control system Android.

The Network showed as “roborate” wash skyscraper. Video

“This cat was created as an interactive companion. It will fit as the home of “animal” people who can’t get himself a real pet,” says developer Zhang Meng at the annual Taipei international computer exhibition.

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