The children went under the water while walking in Kiev: video from the scene of an emergency

Дети ушли под воду во время прогулки в Киеве: видео с места ЧП

Two children pulled from icy water in Kiev

In Dneprovsky district of Kyiv, two children were in the pond. They walked along the edge of the ice, which bound the lake and suddenly fell into the water. As you can see in the video, the ice was too thin, and to stay on it was unsafe. The incident occurred on February 16 in lake Telbin. Adults come to the rescue and saved the children.

Recall that near the Kiev metro station “Dnipro” found the body of a woman. She was on the surface of the water at a distance of three meters from the shore.

Дети ушли под воду во время прогулки в Киеве: видео с места ЧП

Divers pulled a woman’s body using special equipment and referred it to law enforcement officers. At the moment police are working to establish the circumstances of the death.

Earlier it was reported that on the ice, which floated on the river Styr, found the child’s body in the Volyn region.

“February 1 at 13:24 to rescuers the message that in the city in the river on the ice, people found the body of a child. Rescuers launched the river boat and at 14:00 in about 1 kilometer away from the highway bridge was removed from the ice the body of the child”, – reported in gschs.

According to doctors, the child was on the ice for a long time. The doctors found that this first-grader of one of schools of the city Rozhyshche, Rum, Etc of Circumstances of tragedy are found out by law enforcement agencies.

Дети ушли под воду во время прогулки в Киеве: видео с места ЧП

Earlier also it was reported that near the village of Strakholissya while riding a snowmobile on the Kiev reservoir fell through the ice three people, one of them managed to escape on their own, and two others remained under water. According to updated information, the estimated distance from the failure of the ice to the shore is 2 kilometers, according to the fishermen, the estimated depth of the scene 10 meters.

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Was launched the search operation, part of it took rescue diving Department of the city of Vyshgorod, diving group Mobile rescue center of State emergency service. In addition to the search were involved rescuers of Chernobyl and of the Ivanovo division of gschs.

We will remind, in Kharkov, a passerby jumped into the ice save lives.

As reported Politeka, the bus with people fell through the ice, has died.

Also Politeka wrote that in Kiev, Rusanovsky channel fell through the ice and drowned two people.


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Gepostet von Kiev Operational am Samstag, 16. Februar 2019

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