The child hung himself on the Playground: “in the garden hid PE”

Ребенок повесился на детской площадке: «в садике скрыли ЧП»

On the Playground the child hung until he lost consciousness

The incident occurred in one of kindergartens of the city of Zlatoust (Russia). There while walking almost choked ward, reports the Telegram-channel 360tv.

Girl playing with peers. Then the baby decided to climb on the children’s train. Jumping badly down, baby caught the hood of the crossbar and was left hanging.

Ребенок повесился на детской площадке: «в садике скрыли ЧП»

The child in distress no one was paying attention – no playing near the children nor the teacher.

A few minutes later the teacher still has deigned to paying attention to the girl and went at a slow pace to get. By removing the hood from the trap, she didn’t even hold the baby and he just collapsed to the ground and remained lying without movement.

The woman began to shake the baby like a doll, and then, seeing that the child does not come to mind, roughly grabbed him and ran for help.

All of this can be seen in the video, which was captured by the surveillance cameras installed on the Playground.

Then said the mother of the child victim, her daughter unconscious brought to the school clinic. There half-dead child led to feelings a Methodist and a speech therapist. They also have called an ambulance. The child was taken and showed the trauma, and then brought back to preschool.

In the evening the child as if nothing had happened, gave it to his mother, not saying a word about what happened during the walk. The mother learned about the incident only days later. The woman decided not to leave this thing just wrote a letter to the Investigation Committee with a request to inspect the incident.

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“The child almost died, hanging on to the hood on design at the wood. In the verge of death has passed and the kindergarten was trying to hide all the circumstances of this case,” — said in hysterics, the girl’s mother.

In the garden on the incident did react – sawed off the beam, tugging on the girl.

Ребенок повесился на детской площадке: «в садике скрыли ЧП»

As previously reported, the accident occurred in one of the villages in the Podolsk district of Odessa region. Seven year old boy playing on a haystack in the yard of his house, entangled in the chains, hanging on supports of sinkronisasi, and suffocated. It found older brother, who at that time was engaged in farming.

The physicians who have arrived on a call, verified death of the child from strangulation.

The police found that the family prosperous and in sight of law enforcement bodies did not fall.

Recall that a maniac without regret, told how he dealt with the 16-year-old.

As reported Politeka, the mother found the lifeless body of his son in a washing machine.

Also Politeka wrote that the mountain mother was brutally murdered 2-year-old daughter.

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