The Chairman of Goskino Philip Ilyenko: I can be no less emotional than Zelensky

During the week the social network literally blazed in fiery speeches of those who agree and disagree.

Голова Держкіно Пилип Іллєнко: Я можу бути не менш емоційним, ніж Зеленський

On the prohibition of the series “Matchmakers” was not spoken just lazy, reports Rus.Media. During the week the social network literally blazed in fiery speeches of those who agree and disagree. Oil poured into the fire, artistic Director of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, published in network three emotional video message in support of his show. However, the state was deprived of the “Matchmakers” distribution certificate…

Philip Yu, why the decision to “in-Laws” was accepted so quickly – during the day? Why not collect a Commission of experts about this? Or collected? If so, what “bill” has passed the vote? There was an instruction from above “to deprive a distribution certificate”?

– The fact that the question of the prohibition of “Matchmakers” did not belong to the competence of the expert Committee. The decision was made not because this film is theoretically contained some content that is prohibited by applicable law. Questions on the content of the film we had. Under current law there is such a thing as a list of persons who constitute a threat to national security of Ukraine.

This generates a list of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine and published on the website. It does not, on its own initiative and on the basis of appeals. As far as I know, this appeal has been received from the security Service of Ukraine. The state in this case is just a performer. In fact, the very fact of inclusion in the list of a actor automatically means a ban of the films in which he starred. The state deprives the movies distribution certificate does not issue them in the future.

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In this case, the initiative for the ban came not from the state. We were just executors in accordance with applicable law. Accordingly, it was not necessary to convene the expert Commission. Because the Commission of experts is convened to determine whether there is a particular film promotion, for example, the state structures of the Russian Federation or punitive organs of the USSR.

– Does this mean that the films with the participation Dobronravova will be prohibited on the territory of Ukraine?

– They are all prohibited. Not all these films were issued distribution certificate. For example, TV channels are not allowed to show the content which is attended by persons from the so-called blacklist, regardless of whether they have a rental license. Deprivation distribution certificate – this is a consequence of the introduction of man to this list.

Channel “inter” has already begun a promo campaign until the new year, which shows that they plan to show during the winter holidays “Ironically”. The picture is still not officially prohibited, but it is Talyzina from the black list. That is, the state will be deprived of this film with a distribution certificate?

– The fact that the current version of the law contains the norm according to which the prohibition applies to those films that were created after 1991. Therefore, the Soviet classics, it does not apply. In principle, under current law, “Irony of fate”.

– Your statement that the series “Matchmakers” – Ukrainian product, it is your subjective assessment? Or is it somehow confirmed by the existing legislation?

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– First, I want to say that its activities are guided only by law. As a man I can be emotional, and no less emotional than Vladimir Zelensky. Is a product that is really made mostly in Ukraine. Although in all fairness it should be noted that the seventh season of “Matchmakers” was filmed outside of Ukraine – in Belarus. Obviously, they have realized that the participation of some actors of the same Dobronravova, risky step. Therefore, the statement that the Ukrainian product, already seem questionable.

I clearly distinguish between Ukrainian national cinema as part of Ukrainian national culture and the audiovisual product produced in Ukraine. Legislation is not prohibited to create on the export of audiovisual works. It is a profitable business, and if it does not involve people who take anti-Ukrainian position, it is allowed to do, and a lot of Ukrainian productsnow doing this, not only the “Kvartal 95”. It is really a product produced in Ukraine, but the Ukrainian cultural context, it is irrelevant.

There is no Ukrainian language it is made for the core target audience, which is outside Ukraine, mostly in Russia. On the one hand, this economic calculation. Indeed, the Russian market is much more profitable to sell there product. If you want to work for their market, the product must be in the cultural context of their world. The movie “Cyborg”, which was established under the support of the state, it is hardly possible to demonstrate in Russia. It is not part of this Russian cultural discourse.

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