The causes and how to get rid of sores on the tongue

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Defects of erosive nature appear on the mucosa of the mouth for different reasons.

This may be the result of diseases of the oral cavity, the result of an external impact or a symptom of a General disease of the organism. In this article, we will discuss each of them and find out as ulcers on the tongue treated at home, reports the with reference to

The reasons for the formation of ulcers

The treatment gives the result, if the right to establish, what caused the disease. Sores on the tongue accompanied by inflammation and pain and occur due to the following reasons.

Diseases of the oral cavity

To oral disease include: Aphthous stomatitis. Can be chronic with periods of exacerbation and remission. When the disease on the tongue and in the mouth appear small ulcers — “aphthae”. There may be several or only one.

When eating sores hurt and impede speech. They heal in a week, but complicating factors may not be delayed a month, then it is not excluded the appearance of scars. Herpetic stomatitis. Small ulcers in this case are similar to herpes rash. The base of the sores have a grayish hue, and their boundaries are blurred.

Vysypte that affects the lower part of the tongue that heals without scarring in 7-10 days. Simple stomatitis. 1-3 is characterized by the appearance of ulcers at the same time. Mid wounds covered by a thin white or grayish-yellow film.

Candidal (fungal) canker. Due to the pustules of white color it is called thrush. White coating covers the entire oral mucosa and tongue. The disease most often affects small children but it affects adults. Bednar’s Aphthae. Is considered a children’s disease in which sores cover light yellow.

Causes of ulcer on the tongue in a child caused by inadequate oral hygiene. Note! A kind of abscess is determined by its appearance, healing period and methods of combating disease. Wounds differ in shape, color and depth of the lesion of the mucous tissue.

Injury of mucosal tissue Injury of the mucous formed as a result of the following: accidental bite of the tongue with your teeth; trauma caused by a too hard toothbrush or a sharp edge of tooth or fillings; irritation of the tongue caustic drug or food product; use of poorly made dentures or bite correction; damage to the language tools used by the dentist.

Wounds of traumatic origin is not as painful as appearing due to diseases of the oral cavity. If you eliminate the traumatic factor and avoid hot, spicy and acidic food, then the problem disappears quickly.

Treatment of ulcers on the tongue Methods to eliminate the problem depends on the right diagnosis. Depending on it apply the necessary internal preparations and external funds. Local treatment, which reduces inflammation, pain and stimulate tissue repair, is the same for all cases.

Please note! Common methods of treating all types of stomatitis include treatment mucosa antibacterial and antiseptic preparations. Assigned taking vitamin complexes that help boost the immune system and restore damaged tissue. In severe pain, apply local pain relievers.

Small wounds of traumatic origin, which do not cause severe pain, usually heal without assistance.

For the treatment of wounds to the mucosa of the tongue used the following tools:

Hydrogen peroxide. She treated the boils several times a day.

Zelenka. Causes minor pain, but is famous for its excellent antiseptic.

Dexametason in the form of gel or ointment.

Gels with lidocaine.


A solution of baking soda.

A solution of chlorhexidinewas prepared for rinsing.

Diluted with water, furatsilin.

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At home to treat ulcers on the tongue help decoctions of herbs. Antiseptic and healing properties inherent in such plants: calendula pharmacy and chamomile; oak bark, and St. John’s wort; the sage and thyme. As soon as you become aware of the cause of ulcers on the tongue, immediately proceed to treatment. In this case, the healing will happen faster and will not be accompanied by complications. Cheer as possible!

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