The cause of inflammation of the eyes in people who swam in the Kinneret has been established

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 The cause of eye inflammation in people who swam in the Kinneret has been established

Dr. Sharon Amit, an eye specialist, said that during a joint investigation between a number of specialists and Sheba Hospital, Causes of inflammation in the eyes of people who bathed in the Kinneret have been identified.

Dr. Amit said: “During a quick and effective collaboration with the Biological Institute, deep genome sequencing of the corneal cells of patients was carried out and DNA remnants of the strain causing the disease were found – vittaforma corneae, which has previously been described as causing inflammation of the cornea. However, the method used at the Biological Institute is not suitable for daily diagnostics due to its high cost and the need for special skills and special equipment."

This is a species of unicellular parasites of the microsporidiosis type, evolutionarily related to fungi. These parasites are obligate intracellular parasites, which means they must live inside the cell to survive.

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