The capsules of the Academy have the odds

Les capsules de l’Académie ont la cote

In the course of this season, the Saguenéens of Chicoutimi offer to the users of the educational columns devoted to various technical aspects of hockey. This initiative has been very popular since its release on October 5, the first capsule dedicated to the launch of the wrist has already 10 000 views on social networks.

Coordinator of promotions, events and communications in Saguenéens de Chicoutimi, Iris Tremblay had the idea to make use of its expertise of the middle of the video to extend the lessons learned during the summer by the young people who have attended the Academy of hockey Sags. The content is also addressed to those who wish to learn some basics of hockey.

In addition to tips on how to improve their techniques, the followers of hockey will also play the video clips of the partner of this new concept, The Warehouse of Hockey, which will offer sound advice for the choice of sports equipment according to the young person and taking account of their level of learning. “These are always the capsules to educational content,” says Iris Tremblay, and not a way to sell some products.

Even if the timing of the broadcast is not cast in concrete, the capsules hockey/equipment should, in principle, be broadcast in about three weeks.

In addition to Theo Rochette, the other players who are loaned to the demonstrations are the forwards Félix-Antoine Marcotty and Hendrix Lapierre, the defenders Morgan Nauss, Gabriel Villeneuve and Artemi Kniazev, as well as the keeper Alexis Shank (2 capsules). All the capsules devoted to hockey are already in the box.

“It focuses on various technical aspects of hockey such as skating, throwing, etc, We work on the basic elements with our players, but it can help all players from the novice,” said head coach Yanick Jean, who has heard a lot of positive feedback. “It is a complement to the Academy of hockey Sags/Warehouse hockey. We didn’t want to be limited to only two weeks of clinical hockey in the summer. This is sort of an extension, in the same way that our coaches are involved in minor hockey. ”

Two good shots

The response obtained with this first broadcast is delighted with the organization of the Saguenéens. “We are super happy. We got about 5000 views on Facebook, 3000 on Twitter and a little over 1000 on Instagram. This is what it was, because we wanted to do live the Academy of hockey Saguenéens throughout the year and not just during the summer, when camps are taking place, ” says Ms. Tremblay, who has without doubt created a first of its kind in the national hockey League the Quebec major junior. This project will certainly give ideas to other clubs in the circuit Courteau.

The achievement of the capsules has been entrusted to Stéphane Paquin, and the director of photography team Julien Desmeules Video Production has also been put to contribution.

For the coordinator of promotions, events and communications in Saguenéens, there is a third ” hit “. Last year, the video featuring Vincent Lapalme and a cute little Chihuahua had generated 200 000 views. It had been shared across Canada through platforms, networks, TSN and CBC.

In the beginning of the season, the video of the Saguenéens in the Lego version has all the tobacco. “It has been resumed in Europe and in Switzerland, TVA Sports, Hi Hello, RDS, and on Twitter. It is a very big success, ” says Ms. Tremblay. “The Lego, it was time that I had in mind, but we wondered what would be the best time to launch it “, she says. Finally, she has focused on the beginning of the season to build momentum, and it has made a big impact. Also, note that the author of this little gem is David Gaudet, Interval Movie, who has devoted over a hundred hours just to make the Lego/Sags.



With three games in four days on the road, needless to say, the Saguenéens of Chicoutimi will be a good opportunity to assess their troops. And it starts tonight, against the Océanic in Rimouski.

“This is another big test for us. We just play Halifax (sheet 5-2 and 3rd in the ranking) and Charlottetown (3-4 and losing in overtime, the 12th in the ranking) and we will face Rimouski (6-2, 5th place) on Wednesday. This is a team to the top. On the road more. These are all factors that allow us to properly evaluate our team, ” highlights Yanick Jean.

On the other hand, the list of injured players has markedly decreased. A situation which makes the case of the driver of the Blue. “For the first time in a long time, we can create a healthy competition internally,” he says. It is made with 3-4 players in health who will not be dressed. It will encourage the players to surpass themselves. “

In addition to the players who have made a return to the game at the end of the week, Felix-Antoine Marcotty should possibly be back on Wednesday. Only Louis Crevier will not be on the trip. After Rimouski, the Sags (3-2, 1P, 1F for the 10th) will face off on Friday in Sherbrooke, Phoenix (3-4,1 P for the 11th rank) that they were whitewashed 5-0 October 3 at Chicoutimi. They will then visit the Catarates in Shawinigan (1-7, 18th rank) on Saturday.

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